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ALTERRAIN is a family-owned company led by thought-leader and coach, David Dam. With over 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry, David accurately identifies the developmental needs of your business — from out in the field to corporate leadership — to provide effective coaching and predictable results. His genuine passion for helping professionals meet their full potential results in an experience that matches the need of the sales team and intentional coaching that people can relate to and grow from.


A real-world understanding of the sales process and how to build a world-class organization is essential to differentiating your business. David has been in the seller and manager’s position, which enables him to develop simple processes that effectively allow the sales professional to be assertive, ask the right questions and provide solutions that support the customer’s needs.


ALTERRAIN is ready to help your team grow as individuals and as professionals. Our industry-leading sales development experience is designed to clearly articulate and illustrate how individuals can strengthen their skills and identify opportunities for growth that will lead to results. We are revolutionizing the way companies evaluate, develop and implement their people and processes.

We believe your business can be a finely-tuned machine

Our specialized approach and target services transform your people into top-achievers to deliver the results your customers and business needs.

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