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Customized Learning Experience

You know the difference when you have a product or program advantage, do you know what it is it like to have people advantage?

How often should one practice the art of “selling?” The answer is simple – every single day. But there are a few obstacles that interfere including time, self discipline and not knowing how to practice. At ALTERRAIN we define your potential, we develop your people and we deliver results. Our process is proven, it is simple and most importantly fun – which keeps sellers coming back for more day after day! Take a moment to read more about what our proven Customized Learning Experience can do for you and your organization and be one step closer to realizing the benefits of having a true people advantage.

Is your onboarding process for full-time employees and resellers delivering results within your desired timeframe?

From your first day, first week, first month, first year…we have it all. These major milestones effect desire, commitment and a seller’s ability to execute within the sales role. Once we know and understand how an individual can grow, we can develop and implement a customized coaching experience that will improve their performance and result in success.

How important is an effective sales force to your company’s ability to drive consistent and growing profitable sales?

We understand how critical it is for each individual become more respected in the eyes of their customer. We also get the importance of shortened buying cycle and reduced put-offs. When it comes to price we enable your team to become less emotional regarding price and differentiate your company’s products, programs and services, resulting in growing sales.

What does your ideal salesperson look like?

They don’t need approval. They are comfortable discussing money, they handle rejection, short selling cycle, control emotions on a sales call, have consultative selling skills, along with high commitment and high desire. They are also highly trainable and highly coachable. We can help you achieve this by assessing your team, quantifying your current state, identifying what your business and salespeople can accomplish and then build a customized approach to fit your needs.

How often do marketing materials go unused because your sellers don’t know how to effectively utilize the material?

This is an all too common issue. We assess the available marketing material and assign it to the appropriate call planner. We take it a step further and provide questions your seller can ask customers that will drive them to the use of the customized marketing materials. For once, we bring marketing, sales and call effectiveness together. Do you want the ability to assign, prioritize and track who is using the Customized Learning Experience so you can reinforce the right behaviors that will drive results? It is critical that in order for an employee to be successful, managers must be one step ahead of employees by observing, holding people accountable and reinforcing behavior. We will work with you and your managers to enable you to always be one step ahead of your team that will result in positive coaching momentum.

With the Customized Learning Experience, we define your potential, we develop your people and we deliver results.

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