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Mobile on the Go Coaching

Would you give five minutes of your day if it meant you could go from being a good seller to a great seller?

If your answer is yes, then you are ready to engage in ALTERRAIN’s Mobile On the Go Coaching experience where we become your 24-7 coach, anywhere, anytime and as often as you need us.

Just like any skill, perfect practice leads to near-perfect performance.

How do you "practice perfect?" Easy – practice everyday. If sellers would dedicate five to 10 minutes on most days to practicing and developing their selling skills, they will begin achieve milestones never thought possible. That is why we developed Mobile On the Go Coaching. We understand the importance of receiving regular coaching and with these short courses that are available anywhere, anytime on any computer or mobile device – sellers can strengthen their selling skills on a regular basis. No more long days in the classroom, or a dreaded two-hour online module – just five to 10 minutes is all you need to be one step closer to a successful, self-confident and steadfast sales team.

On the Go Mobile Coaching courses are broken up into these six categories to provide you with the best On the Go Coaching experience possible.

  • Call Preparation
  • Prospecting
  • Uncovering Customer Needs
  • Selling Value
  • Sales Process
  • Customer Follow Through

ALTERRAIN’s Mobile On the Go Coaching is a quick, simple and fun way to review key selling skills anywhere and anytime.

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