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Sales Candidate Assessment

When is the last time you hired someone who looked great on paper, interviewed well but when hired underperformed?

How many people would you hire if you knew they would all succeed?

ALTERRAIN's Sales Candidate Assessment consistently helps companies recruit top-performing talent, in a fraction of the time. The Sales Candidate Assessment includes three types of assessments customized for three core groups of salespeople including; Sales Candidate, Sales Management Candidate and VP Sales Candidate assessments. These assessments provide simple, readily-available access to accurate, insightful results that many successful companies rely upon to choose the right salespeople for their business. In addition, we can take your unique hiring situation one step further by developing a customize a Sales Candidate Assessment based on your specific sales position needs as it relates to the target market and key demographic.

How does the Sales Candidate Assessment work?

It’s as simple as emailing your candidates a customized online questionnaire whose results are assessed and compiled into an easy-to-review format and emailed directly to you. That powerful information is available for your review prior to the interview and includes suggested interview topics, questions and guidelines that will result in your next great hire. Click here to learn more about how Sales Candidate Assessment can greatly impact your hiring process.

Ever wonder what a bad hire could cost your organization? Click here to take our FREE assessment that will show how much a bad hire could potentially cost you.

ALTERRAIN’s Sales Candidate Assessment provides a reliable and accurate hiring process that:

  • has a 95% success rate when it comes to hiring effective salespeople that will perform and deliver results
  • needs no administrative support and has no new software to learn
  • eliminates time spent reviewing countless resumes and setting up multiple interviews
  • provides easy to understand candidate reporting, interview questions, topics, guidelines and candidate recommendations

If you are in a position to hire a new sales candidate, give us a call so you can be one-step closer to hiring your next top-performing sales employee today!

Assessment Samples

Each Sales Candidate Assessment is a thorough 17 page review that breaks down the data into readily usable feedback. Below are highlights of the data you will have access to on each candidate.

Worthy of Consideration
Not Recommended

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