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Sales Force Evaluation

If you could accurately identify which of your salespeople could perform at a higher level, leading to higher profits, would you do it?

Evaluating your sales team (your people and how effectively they utilize your sales systems, processes and strategies) is the most powerful and cost-effective thing you can do. When you partner with ALTERRAIN, our award-winning Sales Force Evaluation will identify which of your salespeople have the potential to perform two, up to three-times better when it comes to on-the-job performance. When we know and understand how an individual can grow, we can develop and execute a customized coaching experience that will, without a doubt, enhance their current performance and result in increased profits.

Unlike common personality tests, ALTERRAIN has the ability to measure all 21 Sales Core Competencies, which identifies those who will sell and those who won’t. In addition, our Sales Force Evaluation provides proven answers and insights to difficult business questions around sales performance. Once we evaluate your current salesforce and identify key weaknesses that plague many sales-based organizations, you will be in a position to answer important business-related questions and then implement customized coaching strategies developed for your individual team members to address the primary concerns.

We expect our analysis of your sales team to answer four critical questions:

  • Has my sales team reached its full selling-potential?
  • How can my sales team reach their full selling-potential?
  • How long will it take for my sales team to reach their full selling-potential?
  • Can my salespeople be more effective with core selling tactics and behaviors?

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